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Our mission: "Improving equine athletes one horse at a time. When performance counts and time is valuable, Hassinger Equine is the solution!" Team Hassinger is dedicated to providing you with the highest standard of service available for you and your horse!

Hassinger Equine Sports Medicine, Imaging and Rehabilitation Clinic is one of the most comprehensive clinics of its kind! It offers top-quality veterinary care and skilled horsemanship by a staff of knowledgeable and friendly professionals who have a passion for customer service and a desire to see that your horse cared for according the highest standards in equine veterinary care. Our energetic team is comprised of equestrian professionals from a variety of riding, breed and training backgrounds. We specialize in Sports Medicine for the equine athlete and are dedicated to providing the highest level of care and service possible.

Hassinger Equine, founded in 2003, is a full-service veterinary rehabilitation center on the East Coast. We offer a complete range of services, and our state-of-the-art imaging center, partnered with skill, knowledge and an experienced staff, have proven successful time and time again in identifying that "elusive" diagnosis. Our 65 acre, horse-friendly facility includes a race track, derby field, shaded grass paddocks, and an Olympic sized show arena. The scenic, calm environment of Hassinger Equine Sports Medicine is perfect for all your veterinary needs.

The mobile clinic is a state of the art facility in which we are able to complete all the same services as our home location in a surgically sound setting.

Hassinger Equine Service is available to provide top of the line veterinary care whether at home or on the road. See our show schedule!

Hassinger Equine has been specializing in the needs of equine athletes since 2003. Our Equine Sports Medicine Clinic is one of the most comprehensive clinics of its kind!