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450 Addor Road
Aberdeen, NC 28315


  • We have a full service climate controlled imaging suite
  • It is convenient to access
  • We boast a fully stocked pharmacy
  • We offer radiography and color ultrasonography
  • The environment of the mobile clinic is well-lit, well-ventilated and spacious
  • It is easy to access, comfortable, and horse-friendly
  • We provide efficient service
  • We are able to offer therapy

Keypoints About our mobile clinic

Hassinger Equine Sports Medicine is one of the only clinics in the United States to have a cutting-edge, mobile veterinary hospital. The mobile clinic is a state of the art facility in which we are able to complete all the same services as our home location in a surgically sound environment, such as intra-articular joint injections. The clinic provides a climate controlled, horse-friendly environment while traveling to horse shows around the nation and private facilities. If you are curious to see what events the clinic will be attending browse the schedule.