Rehabilitation Center

rehabilitation center

The Rehabilitation Clinic is the only "veterinary supervised" rehabilitation clinic of its kind. The clinic offers 24 hour care with an on-site veterinarian. The Rehab Clinic offers skilled horsemanship by a staff of knowledgeable professionals who have a passion for horses and a desire to see that your horse returns to you well rested, fit and ready to perform again! Patients are evaluated daily in the rehab center and prescribed varying treatments and therapies to expedite their healing and conditioning. Daily grooming, hand-walking and therapies make Hassinger Equine's Rehabilitation Clinic seem more like a "spa" than a physical therapy center (according to our clients)!


Conditioning Center

conditioning center

Hassinger Equine Center is home to a Conditioning Center which offers a unique program for horses who have 'hit the plateau' in their regular conditioning routines. Various exercise options are available to enhance performance and maximize physical and cardiovascular fitness. Our highly acclaimed aquatic treadmill is the centerpiece for this program and offers horses the means for achieving the benefits of a full workout in half the time it would take under saddle. Our focus at the center is to make it possible for a horse to exceed their current limits of fitness and excel in their various disciplines.

Imaging Center

Performance Enhancement

Pre-Purchase Exams

Lameness Solutions

performance enhancement

Performance Enhancement is merely helping the horse do physically what it already strives to do mentally. Most training issues are merely physical issues "in disguise." We all have experienced this while training or conditioning. It often appears in the form of:
stopping at jumps | difficulty staying on a lead |  difficulty with collected work |  poor attitude or unwillingness to work | poor body condition or difficulty conditioning | hitting that "training or performance plateau" when you know that the horse has more to offer!

Poor performance can be the result of: Ulcers | Poor dental care | An underlying soft-tissue injury such as a lesion | Undiagnosed arthritis, joint inflammation or bone trauma | Back/hock soreness
and much, much more....

The team at Hassinger Equine is experienced with resolving the underlying issues that often elude us as we work with our horses each day. Poor performance can be remedied with quality veterinary care, partnered with a solid training regimen. Call to schedule your horse's annual "wellness" exam.

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imaging center

The Imaging Center offers the most comprehensive private diagnostic imaging for horses in the mid-Atlantic US. Our services include:Wireless Digital Radiography, Digital Ultrasonography, Endoscopy and referral Nuclear Scintigraphy to appropriate colleagues on the East Coast, depending on the needs and location of your horse(s).

PRE-purchase examinations

A solid Pre-purchase exam is a smart decision when investing in a horse. There is no "pass" or "fail" at Hassinger Equine. Dr. Hassinger and his team strive to provide you with a solid overall view of the horse at its current state of health, fitness and soundness. The Hassinger Team has the latest imaging technology available to provide you with the knowledge to make an "informed" purchase of your new horse! Pre-purchase request forms are available on the Forms page.

Lameness Solutions

Hassinger Equine is dedicated to taking the "guesswork" out of diagnosing unresolved lameness! Our state-of-the-art imaging center, partnered with our skilled, knowledgeable and experienced staff has proven successful time and time again in identifying that "elusive" diagnosis. Having a reliable diagnosis is the first step toward successful treatment and rehabilitation.